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Engulf Yourself in an Air of Romance on Valentine’s Day with These Unique Gifts


Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance for a couple. Witness the fountain of love frothing as the two exchange gifts, dedicating them to each other to celebrate this splendid day.

Valentine’s Day gifts

A gift is a culmination of the love and affection that a couple feels for each other. This is why it is the perfect expression of appreciation and romance. No matter how opulent and grand, or how simple and elegant the gift is, it is always the thought that counts first and foremost. Here are some Valentine’s Day gifts ideas –

  • Flower bouquets – Flowers wrapped in gorgeous arrangements are always a delight. From yellow carnations to pink roses, they are always fantastic as they add a sense of exuberance to the space.
  • Box of chocolates – Chocolates are always a delightful treat. Ranging from Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls, to Cadbury Dairy Milk bars,
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Japan Finally Agrees to Compensate Korean

The tension between Japan and North Korea may continue for years, but one controversy between the island nation and South Korea has finally been resolved. This controversy pertains to the abuse of Korean women by its Asian neighbor three-quarters of a century ago.

Known as “comfort women,” the victims actually served as sex slaves to Japanese soldiers during World War II. This serious violation of human rights involved thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of women from several Asian nations, including China and the Philippines. However, the abuse of Korean citizens was particularly notorious.

After negotiations by their respective leaders, Japan and South Korea came to an agreement in late 2015, allowing for the compensation of the 46 known South Korean comfort women survivors of the sex slave operation. More than $8 million was pledged by the Japanese government, with the funds being used to restore the “honor and dignity” … Read more

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