7 Special Personalized Gifts to Congratulate the Newly Weds

The day of marriage is always special. A sense of love and joy fills the air as the two lovers, the bride and the groom, tie the knot of matrimonial love. An occasion to revel in, it is only right that you congratulate the newly married couple with a gift that perfectly reciprocates the union that they’ve committed themselves in.

Personalized Gifts for the Newly Weds

Choosing a gift for the newlyweds is difficult nowadays because of the plethora of options on offer. Whether it is a cake for wedding celebrations from the local bakery or a flower bouquet obtained through an online flower delivery service, a gift with a personal touch is always delightful.

Here are some of the most exquisite kinds of personalized gifts to dedicate to a couple on their wedding: –

  1. Personalized Cakes:The mouthwatering sugary delightfulness of cakes is a treat for the senses. Spongy, sweet, and absolutely delectable, a cake is one of the finest treats to savor. You can make their day grander with a wedding cake customized by you, sprinkling that personal touch. Get a photo made on it that’s accompanied by a heartfelt message iced on its exterior, making it a gift like no other.
  2. Personalized Cards:Intricately designed from the best handmade paper, a personalized card is a definite delight, and quite apt as a marriage gift. Whether you have a beautiful, heartwarming message inlaid in it, or a photo of the newly married couple printed upon it, a personalized card is a gifting opportunity with a lot of room to experiment.
  3. Personalized Flower Bouquet:A mix of flowers handpicked by you, and arranged perfectly in the form of a bouquet, is a reflection of your personal taste. From a mix flower bouquet comprising of yellow roses, white carnations, and orange gerberas, to a bouquet of flowers filled with pink carnations, lavender roses, and purple orchids, a personalized flower bouquet is always a font of joy on any marriage celebration.
  4. Personalized Accessories :Personalized wedding accessories for the couple make for a thought-provoking gift option. You can opt for a glittering gold pendant bearing the portraits of the marriage couple, or a photo stone with a candid moment of theirs, give the newly wedded couple a gift to smile about.
  5. Personalized Mugs and Cushions:A mug and cushion are two of the first things that any person sees right in the morning. Let the newlyweds remember you with fondness every day; gift them a mug personalized with a photo, or a cushion with a loving message written on its cover.
  6. Personalized Gift hamper:From a perfumed gift hamper of bottles of perfumes made by Gucci, Prada, Versace… to a men’s grooming kit comprising of a shaving kits manufactured by Gillette, Park Avenue, Nova… a gift hamper says it like nothing else.
  7. Personalized Apparels:Personalized apparel is a gifting option for married couples which is hard to best. From a men’s polo t-shirt personalized with a photo of the wedding couple, to a personalized women’s cashmere sweater with a heartfelt message inscribed on it, the options to choose from are aplenty.

Gifts are always a special way to express your wishes for a newly-wed couple. Through the option of online gifting nowadays, one can easily purchase the best gifts and customize them according to his or her choice. That’s how easy and delightful online gifting has become nowadays!