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Comfort Women Agreement


About a century ago, Asian and South Korean comfort women were taken into sex slavery during World War 2, by the Japanese Imperial Army. Comfort women is a translation from a Japanese term meaning a prostitute. Young women from countries under Japanese rulership were abducted from their homes or were lured with promises of work. Once taken, the women were imprisoned in a comfort station closest to them. The number of women that were abducted is still questioned, with numbers ranging between 20,000 and 410,000 women. The issue of the comfort women has been debated since the end of the war and still continues.

With a lack of formal agreement and changing political figures, history is still not resolved. On December 28, 2015, the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea reached a consensus on the comfort women case. The Japanese minister, Fumio Kishida, officially confirmed the existence of crimes … Read more

Join the Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference With Pastor Chris


Who doesn’t want to have a chance to have a stronger spiritual connection with God? After all, many people are searching for that connection to a stronger sense of spirituality and in many cases, it can be found by developing that closer relationship with Jesus Christ. This is why the Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference, headed by Pastor Chris, is so important. The truth is, it gives people from all walks of life an opportunity to further enhance their sense of spirituality and their connection with God.

This is an online event that starts the evening of November 3rd and goes for 24 hours straight. Anyone that wants to have access to it at any time during those hours can do so. One of the most important things that will be occurring during this time will be the communal reading of the powerful book Rhapsody of Realities. Many people have … Read more

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