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Why You Need to Repair Your Own Appliances

If you have an appliance at home that is in disrepair, it might be a good idea to repair the product rather than replace it fully. A lot of people are finding that repairing the item using the proper Appliance Parts is a lot easier and financially beneficial than having to fully replace the appliance with something that is either brand new or used. In fact, you are going to find that it saves you tons of money just by choosing to repair the appliance and avoid the problems that come with a full replacement of the item.

How to Get the Item Repaired

The first step to repairing an appliance at home is for you to find the right parts. You can do this either by visiting a local parts store or by ordering the item on the internet. You are going to save a ton of time, hassle … Read more

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome On Being a Man of God and False Charges

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is coming out and talking about the divorce allegations against him. He is doing so after his ex-wife filed a divorce suit against him. He said the allegations have no truth to them, and that in fact, they are crazy and stupid.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome explained that divorce goes against what the Bible teaches us. Christians should never go ahead with a divorce. He knows this, and he did not want the divorce. However, if your wife insists on the divorce, then there is not much that you can really do. You can only consider divorce, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome explains, if your wife insists on it. He explained that just because it is not right, that does not mean that it will not happen. Your wife may be a Christian and push for divorce anyway. That still does not make it right, but at that point, it … Read more

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