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Different Types of Strollers and Factors to Consider When Buying Strollers


Why are many parents finding it difficult to choose the best stroller? Could it be due to the presence of many choices in the market? For example, there are strollers for walking and jogging, 4WD strollers and lightweight strollers. As a parent, you need to consider various factors before shopping. Some of these factors include

The Purpose

What will be the use of the stroller? In the event you are an active person who in most cases is involved in walking with your baby, then choose a stroller that can fit all terrain. Consider picking one that is bit sturdier and stable in its make.

It is also important to look for a model with adjusting and locking wheels; this will make it easier for you to ride it on different terrains. If you are looking for one that can be kept in the back of the vehicle for … Read more

How Much Time Should A Couple Spend Together?

Shopping TimeI not too long ago watched the dumbest phase possible about this topic on a morning information show. The author hawking her ebook had little charts and basically said, if a pair spends 70% of their time collectively, that’s too much, and if they spend 20% of their time together that isn’t sufficient.

I really really feel its not the share of time spent collectively that really matters, its the standard. What’s the point spending 70% of time together and you retain getting on every others nerves. I sometimes crave for time alone to reflect and take into consideration issues, about writing, about running a blog and many others. The most vital factor for me is to respect one another and create quality time to be together and make the very best out of it. Just like i wrote in my article, we have to create space generally it provides … Read more

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