Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is coming out and talking about the divorce allegations against him. He is doing so after his ex-wife filed a divorce suit against him. He said the allegations have no truth to them, and that in fact, they are crazy and stupid.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome explained that divorce goes against what the Bible teaches us. Christians should never go ahead with a divorce. He knows this, and he did not want the divorce. However, if your wife insists on the divorce, then there is not much that you can really do. You can only consider divorce, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome explains, if your wife insists on it. He explained that just because it is not right, that does not mean that it will not happen. Your wife may be a Christian and push for divorce anyway. That still does not make it right, but at that point, it is not your fault at all.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Man of God. He would never divorce his wife. However, just because someone is married to such a man, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome explains, that does not mean that she will automatically be a Woman of God. You have to work on becoming a person of God, and it does not automatically come to you on account of your spouse. Therefore, the fact that his wife insisted on a divorce does not mean that it is what God wants or what a Christian should do. In fact, you do not find the spouses of such people mentioned in the Bible that much. The reason for that is that sometimes, the wife of such a person is not a Woman of God and is just a regular person who happens to be married to a such a person.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was critical of media outlets. They were reporting things that were not accurate and which were false. Many media outlets said some things that are very stupid.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said that Jesus also faced many false allegations. However, that did not change who he was. The same goes for him. All of the allegations are stupid and are totally false. He will not stoop to their level to pretend that the claims have any validity to them. Anyone who has eyes can see that the claims are frivolous and are wrong. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will not discuss those frivolous claims, as he is above all that.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome explained that someone can be a preacher but not a Man of God. He said that there is something you should know about someone who is a Man of God. Someone who is a Man of God was set forth on his path by God. He does not just preach God, but he is a Man of God. Chris Oyakhilome explained that if you study scriptures, you will see that there is no such thing as someone like that defying the Will of God. That just does not happen. Even Moses, who struck the rock two times, did not want to defy God. Therefore, it is impossible that the charges have any validity whatsoever to them. He further explained that such a person is handpicked by God. He does not sin, and of course, as a Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome did not do any of those things.