Shopping hobby? These Interesting Facts about Shopping Unconsciously

Shopping can be one of the exciting activities. Almost everyone without exception can be automatically happy when doing this activity. This activity actually has a good effect on mental health. Even if we just look at things, at least we can be happy while doing sports.

5 Facts About Why We Can't Stop Shopping | Simplify Experts

In addition, shopping has many benefits and interesting facts that may rarely be realized. What are some interesting facts from shopping that we rarely realize?

1. Feel proud when carrying a shopping bag

Shopping hoby?Ever felt proud after shopping and carrying a shopping bag? If you have ever felt it, it means you are included in 70% of people who feel proud of themselves when carrying a shopping bag.

This is because you feel able to buy the desired item. Moreover, carrying branded and expensive groceries. For some people, carrying shopping bags with high-end brands makes them feel “upscale”. no wonder that the level of confidence of girls increases sharply when carrying shopping bags in a shopping center.

2. for those of you who like shopping usually spend money in a few hours

For those of you who like true shopping, don’t worry too much about prices, but inner satisfaction. Of course they do have to prepare funds that are not small. This is certainly not a big problem. Generally, the shopping enthusiast will be willing to set aside 50% more net income to save in order to buy the desired item.

In fact, you will not hesitate to spend tens of millions in less than 6 hours! of course your income must be balanced with expenses.

3. Effectively reduce stress and depression

Shopping can reduce the effects of stress and depression. This is because most people can get rid of fatigue instantly by shopping. That way, this can trigger the release of more endorphin hormones. This can trigger feelings of happiness and reduce the level of stress and depression.

4. Feel strange when shopping alone

Most women feel empty and strange when shopping alone. Why is that? They often ask for opinions when they want to shop for the desired item. In addition, shopping with relatives or friends certainly makes women more excited and happy. While traveling, they can while telling stories. Therefore, when a woman shopping alone, she will feel lonely.

5. Not a matter of discount, but the final price of the item

When the discount season arrives, most of us are no longer ashamed to prepare a mobile calculator to calculate the final nominal of the discounted price. Although many offer large discounts, you must remain selective.

Some stores always deliberately put up fantastic discounts, even though the price of the original goods is that much. You have to be smart in observing goods and their quality. Does the original price of the item before the discount indeed make sense with the quality of the item.