Every month early, everyone in the world must be shopping, both for primary, secondary and tertiary needs. From now, you must try be smart every monthly with discussion of tips below, see and learn the explanations. Shopping monthly needs in the market is very fun, especially if you are a housewife, but spending yourself in the market or supermarket can be more efficient. You just need the thoroughness and self-discipline in shopping so as not to wasteful and wasteful. It’s good if spending in accordance with your monthly budget, avoid excessive spending that resulted in your family finances deficit. Do not push yourself to buy branded products, you can get quality product with similar items, but with a more affordable price. Shop in accordance with what your need, not what you want.

Before you go shopping you have to make a shopping list

The first thing, you must record with detail what items you need to purchase. Make a list of the most important items everyday when you shop, after that you can record the purchase of other goods according to the existing budget. This will keep you from making mistakes to buy items beyond the needs list, and do not forget to calculate the cost required when shopping.

Before make a shopping list, you should create menu plan, when you will cooking for the next. This will make you save more expenses because it can be a way to spend. Take advantage promos or discounts, such as groceries items when you needed accordance shopping lists. Before you list shopping list, do not forget to check the stock of items in the kitchen such as toiletries, facial products, cooking materials, etc. whether it is up or need to buy new.

Bring the budget suitable your list and needs

Each will shop make sure you already know the estimated cost and expenditure when shopping, bring enough money so as not to spend more than recorded. And you better spend a little budget spending, this is because to anticipate the price rise from the goods needs. Expand the budget to about 5-10% of the amount to anticipate the price rises. By bringing more budget you can focus more on shopping for the main needs and not afraid of shortcomings. If there are leftovers, it’s up to you to shop for needs or to save for the benefit of your family.

Compare the prices more than one store

Shopping activities like sports, so you do not bored walking and choose the necessities more cheaper and less costly for your monthly expenses. Compare the prices of goods in mini-markets, supermarkets, or grocery stores. If it turns out that the price of one store is cheaper, you should be more careful in paying attention to the quality of the foodstuff and the product, whether it is what you expect or not. Check back expiration date, quality and quantity of goods. Do not fooled when you choose cheap goods and very low quality. You must smart and your intelligence more needed as a buyer.

Buy enough goods as needed

If you want to shop smart, then you have to learn to make planing in your life, if your monthly routine needs the same every month you can spend in large quantities, because many purchases will usually save much more expenses. You must be smart in managing the amount of used goods and groceries already purchased. But if you want to spend in bulk, you have to keep spending in reasonable amount, because there is still a monthly need to be purchased.

Record all payment when you shopping

Recording is very important, not only in the company in a small family or personal life one should be familiarized in every record, especially financial. With recording you will be able to manage finances and can plan purchases or shopping more intelligently and efficiently. And after each shopping, do not forget to always ask for receipt or bill shopping to the cashier where shopping. By regularly keeping track of each shopping expenditure, you can estimate the next month’s shopping costs while also looking for ways to make savings. It’s for your benefit and your future in fostering the family.

Do not waste time walking or just looking around

If you have finished shopping in accordance with the list and budget, do not walk or see other items. You should immediately go home, because by walking around the shopping center you will be tempted to buy goods that are not in the record and your budget, if until it is purchased it will become over budget and waste in your finances.

Get used to life sparingly is not difficult, you just need consistent action and strong self-discipline when carrying out daily activities, both at home and at the office.

Now let’s review again about smart shopping in addition to the points above, following explanation:

Review of products to buy

Before buying it would be nice we find as much info about the goods to be purchased, both in terms of quality and efficiency. And certainly a budget to be spent, like buying trendy seasonal goods with classic goods, for example when buying a shirt. Without comparing the quality of materials, you can calculate how much you will use the goods.

Trendy items will certainly be quickly out of date, so you are likely to wear only a few times compared to classic items. Classic goods still long life and can used many times. So the cost per wearer of the goods to be low and cheap compared to buying seasonal goods.

You can apply this method of calculation to any item you will buy so as to help you make a decision whether the goods to buy, right or wrong.

Shopping is a matter of experience rather than the price of expensive goods

Generations of the digital age and social media are now fond of this, namely shopping experience by visiting beautiful and challenging places. Evidenced from the level of traveler in the world is increasing rapidly from year to year. Buying experiences like watching a concert, sightseeing, picnic and so on provides a higher and longer happiness, than just buying things that are easily obsolete or quickly damaged. Do not forget your experience upload in social media.

Leave and go shopping alone

Shopping alone is a great way to save on spending, in addition to efficient self-spending can give you confidence and independence. This is different from shopping with friends or others, you will be concerned with prestige than the importance of shopping needs. When shopping you must focus and let shop alone buy another item. In addition to saving money you also save your shopping time.

Leave all credit cards or debit cards at home

Leave all sorts of cards except your id card, this is to reduce the sense of underestimation of payments, the easier the payment then you will continue to buy things without re-thinking whether it is necessary or not. Because a credit card can make it easier for you to pay all, but you will eventually realize, caused by swelling bills. Do not get big spending from the income, so wise in using credit cards and smart shopping.

Hopefully this article helps you to be wiser and smarter when shopping.