Many of us who are often confused or lazy mixed must break clothes. As a result, shopping activities become ineffective and disappointing. Create a counter to it in the future, We will provide tips for you to make your shopping more effective and comfortable. The tips below will be discussed starting from the preparation before the shopping activity itself, and start from shopping in the mall way to choosing goods in online stores.

1. Come In New Open or Two Hours Near Close

New or open malls will not be too much for visitors, you can spend more with them. The SPG will also be more responsible in terms of service.

2. Wear Shirt and Shoes that are Easy to Remove

If from the beginning your intention is to buy clothes or shoes and not to look for eyes, you better wear a shirt that is easily removed. It’s probably you can’t try the various clothes in the locker room. Shoes that are easily removed will also make it easier for you to try more than one pair of shoes.

3. Do not Affect SPG

SPG It’s not a friend who is obliged to care about your interests! They just say and smile so you can buy things and they will get results that they can exceed the target. If you feel that you do not need to buy the goods offered, politely decline for SPG mall. Rather than teach you regret.

4. Do not Be Tempted with Discounts

Goods that do not necessarily discount you need, and could be the item was discounted because of defects or not sold. Before you buy a discounted item, ask yourself if you want it? Does the model fit you? Never forget to forget if there is a defect in the product.

5. Do not go shopping Day

Ahead of the feast, the modern center is like a traditional market. People will spill over to buy them. If you need to buy something for a holiday, it’s better, buy two weeks or a week before the H-day. Instead of you stress is asked not in choosing the goods