You’ve probably heard of Tom Ford by now, and if not, he has an interesting back-story. Ford began studying interior architecture in New York in the 1980s, but after a year out in Paris as an intern at the fashion house Chloe, he decided to move into fashion. After working his way up in smaller fashion houses, in 1990 he moved to Gucci, where he thrived. Moving to Milan he took to designing both men’s and women’s wear, and helped turn the failing brand into the powerhouse we know today. In 1994 he was promoted to creative director, and turned the brand from near-bankruptcy to a $4 billion empire.

After the brand was purchased by an investment company, Ford left and decided to go it alone, creating the Tom Ford brand. They began creating beautiful, tailored suits and fantastic elegant gowns, and have branched out from there. The Tom Form company now creates a wide range of items, from opulent perfumes and dark aftershaves to lifestyle accessories and sunglasses.

In a world where every fashion brand creates sunglasses, Tom Ford sunglasses and regular glasses stand out. As we’ve highlighted above the man himself comes from a high fashion background, and is world renowned for his design skills. The style the designs present really show this background, and one pair can suit a wide range of outfits and occasions. Unlike more generic brands like Lacoste sunglasses, Tom Ford brings many years of both fashion experience and design intelligence, and very nearly all styles released look like they will be somewhat timeless, rather than based on trends that might come and go.

The manufacturing that goes with them is superior to many other sunglasses brands we see as well. The combination of the two, and at a reasonable price, means in our opinion Tom Ford sunglasses are some of the very best value for style seekers the world over.