Footwear has become quite an important thing in terms if the fashion and these now hold a very important position in the wardrobe. These compliment our clothes and nowadays are being made in such a way that they compliment our personal sense of style. Footwear have come a long way from just being boots and shoes and now they are categorised in many sections which include footwear pieces like the slippers, flip flops, canvas shoes, mountaineering shoes, sports footwear include spikes, cleats etc. Thus, we have quite a collection in terms of footwear and these are even made specific occasions.

The types of footwear that you should not miss are as follows:

  • Loafer: Loafers are the midway between the casual and the formal and they come really handy in keeping the HR off your back. Loafers are comfortable, reliable and easy to maintain and wear.
  • Flip flops: These have recently become very famous in the footwear section. These are the slippers that you can basically wear outside. Flip flop are inspired by the traditional Japanese footwear zori. These are very stylish to wear, and they are extremely comfortable. They are available in many designs which makes them a target for everyone.
  • Boat shoes: These are the leather shoes which you can wear just anywhere, even in water. The boat shoes are mildly stylish, comfortable and they do not have a very long life if worn regularly. The person going up for the boat shoes should keep in mind the lack of arch support.
  • Slippers: these are the things that keep you constant company at you home an even at times outdoors. Slippers are comfortable, they provide mild protection to the soles of feet, but they are not very high on the gripping end and at times they lead to injuries due to slipping in water spills, but that shortcoming has now almost been removed.
  • Gym sneakers: These are more commonly known as the sports shoes and these are very comfortable and sturdy in their makeup. These shoes are very reliable and be worn during the workout in the gyms as the name suggests. They can also be worn during playing sports like basketball, football or the similar types when you do not have the specific footwear for the occasion. These are even paired with the denims and trousers and these do compliment them well.
  • Chukkas: These are the casual work shoes. This is a statement contradicting itself but these shoes are just the same. These shoes are casual and yet they are the casual counterpart of the boots. These shoes are mostly paired with the denims and these look really good with them. These are the shoes you take out when you are going for a semiformal look.

Dress shoes: These are the full formal beauties. These are not that much comfortable to wear as compared to the other shoes mentioned here but these are the shoes that will take you style to somewhat another level altogether. These look classic, lively and yet aesthetically modern at the same time.