Why Is Shopping Considered Therapy

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There is one thing in this world we all have to accomplish at some point in our lives and that is shopping. For most indiviuals this is a normal part of life,but at some point becomes a hated task,but is necessary for living However,for a small percent of humans it is a type of therapy or fun.

What Is Considered Retail Therapy

Retail theraphy is the process by which you go shopping for the sole purpose of making yourself feel better. Making ones self feel better is a good thing. We all need those good vibes sometimes,but overdoing it could be considered an addiction. This type of addiction is also know as Oniomania (compulsive shopping, or what’s more commonly referred to as) is perhaps the most socially acceptable addiction,but it does not make it right. An addiction is over endulging in any one thing. In retail theraphy this happens when their are more bad days then good or more money spent then you have. However,there are some ways to enjoy shopping without it becoming an addiction.

When Is Shopping Considered Normal

Normal or healthy shopping is done in moderation or out of necessity. We are talking about the normal every day trip to the grocery store to by milk or a clothing store for new kids uniforms. Not the I am having a bad day and need to buy something just because. For 90% of humans shopping in any form is done completely because it has to be done in order to make it through life. Rather it’s for food,clothing,cleaners or what not. For a small select group it makes them happy and they can over indulge.

How To Avoid Going Overboard

For example, many women love animal clothing like sheepskin australia. This material creates beautiful boots that alot of women desire and course it comes from only one place,down under. To avoid purchasing too many pairs we need to know our triggers or reasons why we shop. For most it is just a run of the mill bad day,but for others it is just a means of escape from the normal every day life. There are other steps to avoid going into a downward spiral,such as “Pay by check or debit card”. Three other tips are to talk it out,join a meeting or window shop after hours. Using these tricks and others will help curve and completely erase this type of addiction.

What Can Be Said About This

All in all shopping in any form is considered necessary for most,but for some it is know as fun. Just be wise with your choices and dont let them overtake you. Always remember though if shopping does take over your life there is help for you. So the real conclusion for today is when the shopping bug takes over squash it or retrain it. So, please shop at a normal rate and keep shopping theraphy to a minimum and dont do what the 90’s TV show did and Shop Til you Drop.